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19 April 1992
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"We’re two boys, which makes us gay; and then we’re two female-bodied people, which makes us gay; and then we’re trans, which makes us, you know, a whole other side of gay. And so you have this whole trifecta of queerness working for us. So when someone drives by and screams “faggot”, I’m just like “you have no fuckin’ idea!" -Jac Stringer


James Anthony Gadd-Nelson

A transfabulous work-in-progress
I am your typical teenage-tranny-queer-obsessive-hopeless-romantic-nerd from the Midwest. I try to avoid drama (and fail miserably). I won't bite, add me! ♥

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TV SHOWS Supernatural. Doctor Who. Being Human. Merlin. Torchwood. Due South. Sarah Jane Adventures. Gavin and Stacey. Heroes. Star Trek. That '70s Show. 30 Rock. SNL. Community. Parks and Recreation. The Office. Red Dwarf. Doctor Horrible. How I Met Your Mother.

SHIPPERS Dean/Castiel. Sam/Gabriel. Ray/Fraser. Ten/Rose. Jack/Ianto. Owen/Tosh. Owen/Gwen. Gwen/Rhys. Jack/Alonso. Mickey/Jake. George/Mitchell. George/Mitchell/Annie. Annie/Gilbert. Merlin/Arthur. Merlin/Lancelot. Arthur/Lancelot. Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin. Gwen/Morgana. Spock/Kirk. Spock/Uhura. Sylar/Peter. Mohinder/Matt. Claire/Gretchen.

MUSIC Anything good.

MOVIES Were The World Mine. All of the Disney movies. Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Star Trek XI. Across The Universe. Brokeback Mountain. Moulin Rouge! Strictly Ballroom. Romeo + Juliet. 10 Things I Hate About You. (500) Days of Summer. Elizabethtown. The Chumscrubber. X-Men Trilogy + Origins. All of the Pixar movies. Office Space. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Fight Club. Benny and Joon.

PASSIONS Writing. It's the only way I can truly express myself.

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